District Profile

Major Farming Systems / Enterprises (based on analysis made by the KVK)

S. N. Farming System / Enterprise
1 Resource Rich* : Rice-wheat, Oilseeds and pulse crop, Mango/Guava orchard, 2 to 3 graded buffalo/cow.
2 Resource Poor** : Rice-wheat, Jwar, Bajra, Arhar, Vegetables, 1 to 2 Buffalo/Cow, Poultry farming
3 Landless*** : Labour, Buffalo, Goat, Duck, Pig, Daily wages Veg./Cereals (Land on lease)

Farmers with medium to large land holding size, assured irrigation, ploughing facilities and good credit support.

** Farmers with marginal to small land holding size. Occasionally assured irrigation, without tractor.

*** Land on lease or without land.

Description of Agro-climatic zone and major Agro-ecological situations (based on soil and topography)

S. N. Agro - Climatic Zone Characteristics
1 Eastern Plain Zone The zone consists of Sultanpur, Mau, Ballia, Varanasi, Ghazipur, Azamgarh, Chandauli & Jaunpur district. The Zone has plenty of the ground water; however, the surface water is scanty. Three types of soil, namely, Alluvial, Uasr and Diara land are found in this zone. Usar soils are found in Sultanpur, Ballia, & Azamgarh districts. Average annual rainfall is between 803 mm. of which about 96% is received during June to September. The temperature ranges from 5.70C to 41.40C and the relative humidity ranges from 30% to 86%. Cropping intensity of the zone is 138%. The major crops of the zone are Rice, Wheat, Maize, Sugarcane, Chickpea, Field pea and Pigeon pea. Vegetable are also cultivated at large scale. The prominent vegetables are Potato, Tomato, Chilies, Radish, Vegetable pea, Brinjal, Okra and Capsicum. Mango, Aonla, Ber, Guava, Citrus, and Jack fruit are the major fruits. Commercial flower cultivation is also practiced in few districts of this zone. Large areas are affected with alkalinity and salinity.
S. N. Agri - Ecological Situations Characteristics
1 AES - I Irrigated Clay and Clay loam Soil
2 AES - II Irrigated Loam Soil
3 AES - III Irrigated Sandy Loam Soil
4 AES - IV Rainfed Sandy Loam Soil
3 AES - V Water logged Clay Condition.
4 AES - VI Rocky Track

Soil Type

S. N. Soil Type Characteristics Area (ha)
1 Clay Rich in humus & carbon, medium in nitrogen and low in potassium. 26000
2 Clay Loam Rich in humus, medium in carbon & nitrogen and low in potassium. 54000
3 Loam Average in humus, medium in carbon, potassium & nitrogen. Medium in water percolation. 122074
4 Sandy Loam Poor humus, medium in phosphorus & potas, high water percolation, low nitrogen & carbon 20000
5 Sandy High potash, low humus, high water percolation & poor nitrogen & carbon 18000
6 Rocky track Medium humus, high calcium, potash & selenium, medium nitrogen & phosphorus. 13000
Total 253074